Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jenny, Maternity - November 2010

This is the Freeman family.  Once a family of two, now a family of two and a half, soon to be a family of three.

Jenny is due in two weeks and we are all so excited to see little baby Freeman!

Her husband, Ryan, and her like to hold hands.
Actually, they love it.

They love to hug:
(Oh gosh this one melts my heart.)

And they lovelovelove to kiss. :)  I think half of the pictures I got were of them kissing...it added even more to an amazing photoshoot... Ha!

Baby Freeman's hat from Anthropologie:

The joy in this picture just makes me smile and giggle!

Tree pictures are always nice.

GOSH Jenny, you're beautiful!

And now for my favorites of the day... The sunshine was ridiculous, they were ridiculous, the cool green grass was ridiculous...  Therefore, these pictures are ridiculous, in the best of ways.  :)

I can't wait to see Baby Freeman!  Love you guys and thanks so much for being so wonderful!

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  1. SIERRA!!!! THESE ARE AWESOME!!! thank you so much, im so happy : )
    it was a great day and you were a natural photographer, keep it up!