Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frese Family - November 2010

The Frese family is a treat.

This is Naomi:

This is Isaiah:

This is Jordan:

And this is Joel:

And this is mommy and daddy:

They are wonderful and they like to giggle and be silly.

This is mommy and the girlies. :) 

Mommy and Son:

Daddy and Son:

When these kids get together and giggle, it's a wonderful thing.  And that is often.  They love smiling.  (Joel smiles, too, but he's the most serious of the children and so he just happened to be in serious mode during these pictures and I couldn't get a smile...  Oh well...serious little man Joel is just as wonderful.)

And here's the whole family:

I love you Frese family!! :)

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