Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kyle and Heather - WEDDING!

About a month ago I was honored with the opportunity to take pictures of a friend's wedding.  It was seriously such an amazing experience.  The wedding was so beautiful and small and personal, the people were wonderful, the pictures turned out great, and God was glorified.  I loved every second I was there.

Kyle and Heather were married before.  After a hard few years and a divorce, God has blessed them by bringing them together again - and boy oh boy was it a joyful experience.


They are such a lovely couple!!! :D

This spot was amazingly beautiful and I want to take pictures there again!!!

Ike.  I love him.  I nanny him.  He's my friend.  And he's very handsome. :D

 Kyle, Heather, and their little daughter Pheonix.  I love them so much!

Thank you sososososo much, Heather and Kyle, for allowing me to take pictures of your special day!  It was such a wonderful experience and you have such an inspiring story!

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