Friday, April 6, 2012

Michelle and Courtney - Portraits

I love Michelle and Courtney.  They are seriously the world's most amazing girls, the cutest set of besties ever.  They make me laugh and love and I never cry when I'm with them unless it's happy tears because of oh-so-much-laughter or chick-flicks.  :)

They love me (yes, I'm very confident about this).  So every time we three get together, it's all happy and roses and rainbows.  As it should be, of course.
This time there was even more happiness, because we could walk on railroad tracks and use umbrellas in the sunshine and pretend like we're going on a picnic.

Here is Michelle...

Here is Courtney...

And a favorite of Michelle.

Are they adorable or what?!

Umbrellas are always welcome.

An absolute favorite!! :D

And another favorite...
(Ok, we can all assume they're all favorites! haha!)


GASP!!  This one, I think I will frame.

And one last one of them together to end this post.

Thanks, girls, for a wonderful photoshoot!! :D

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