Saturday, April 23, 2011

"White City Twins" Don and Duane Gish - 90th birthday party

Don and Duane Gish are twins.  90 years old.  Both still alive and well.  And they have both lived extraordinary lives.
Duane Gish is a Creation scientist who has written books and opened a museum and taught lectures and answered questions for so many people wanting to understand Creation.
Don Gish was a missionary doctor who traveled the world and spoke the Gospel into so many people's lives.
Their lives have been only to serve God and others - and they have been blessed with long lives to do just that.

They are known in Kansas (and even all over the US) as the White City Twins...  (They greased the train tracks in their town when they were around six years old...this act is famous now!)

 Duane, his 2nd wife, and three of his grandchildren.


The whole family! :)

There was cake to be served...

...friends to hug...

...and laughs to be had.

Duane and his two sons and two daughters.

The big surprise of the night - Duane is the first living man to be accepted into the Creation Museum Hall of Fame! :D

Don, giving his life story, thanking God.  If you look closely, you can see the tears in his eyes.

Discussing life with a friend.  I love this picture; one of my favorites.

 I love this picture!  Don and a family member!

It was such a pleasure to take pictures for these wonderful gentlemen!  I'm amazed by their journies - together and apart - and was so blessed to be a part of their party! :)

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  1. WOW! Love it Sierra! Great pics. You've got an eye for the awesome details. Man, both are 90?!?! That's crazy! What great men! :)